Thursday, March 30, 2017

Just Say "YES!"

What do you do when you’re confronted with an opportunity to do something new?  Do you jump at the chance and run with it, or do you become fearful and run the other way?

Several years ago I saw the Jim Carey movie, Yes Man.  The premise is that he’s a negative guy whose life is boring because he says no to everything.  He decides to begin saying yes all the time, so of course, hilarious situations result.

This movie inspired me to look at my life, and I realized that the basic premise is true.  When I say no to things, my life is quiet and dull.  I am stuck and don’t grow.  I’m also very bored.

I often let laziness, fear of the unknown, rejection, sounding stupid, or looking foolish, stop me from saying yes.  Then I feel stagnant and nothing happens in my life.  I’m so busy trying to stay “safe”, that I don’t make room for the good new things to come in.

I noticed that when I ignore my fears and objections, and am open to new experiences, great things happen.

I decided to begin saying yes to new opportunities unless there is a good reason to decline (laziness, fear of looking foolish or of the unknown are not good reasons.)

As a result, I’ve recently accepted several speaking engagements, taken on new volunteer commitments, met lots of fun and interesting people, and made new friends.

Saying "yes" has given me the opportunity to stretch my comfort zone, which makes me feel even stronger and more empowered.

It has also helped me realize I can do things I didn’t know I could do, and as a result, I have grown.

It's important to always make sure the new challenges fit my values and don’t put me in the way of physical harm.  Once they pass that test, there is no reason to not move ahead.

So, is it time to ask yourself what will happen if this month you say “Yes”?  Let's see in what amazing ways will your world expand.

Wishing you Power and Strength,

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